Ulrich Stoll was born on April, 21st , 1923 as the son of the estate manager Fritz Stoll and his wife Elizabeth. Together with his two years younger sister Herta he had a joyful childhood on the parental farm Pluckow on the island of Rügen.

Starting at the age of four Ulrich Stoll's life was driven in a particular direction because he started suffering from asthma. Since he was often not allowed to romp and play with other children, he turned to drawing and painting instead. He also learned the accordion and enjoyed his ability to delight people with his personal creativity.

His asthma was caused by animal hair, which was the reason why his parents abandoned their estate and moved to the nearby town of Sagard in 1933. The family took over a tobacco and confectionery shop and his father was appointed mayor of Sagard in the same year.

Since 1933 Ulrich Stoll attended the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Gymnasium in Bergen. At the age of only twelve he won the "art prize of the secondary schools" of the province of Pomerania in his age group. At the age of 16, shortly before the GCSE, he painted his parents' house as a homework assignment for his art class.

His art teacher at the time, Mr. Johnsen, disbelieved this perfection, and demanded him to present his skills once again - in his presence. The astonished teacher presented the result to his colleagues, truly convinced of the extraordinary skills of his pupil. He urged his pupil to dedicate his life to art. This experience gave Ulrich Stoll the impetus to study art.