Early in childhood Ulrich Stoll discovered his artistic ability. Even during his school years, he won his first prizes and awards and stood out due to his extraordinary talent.

As a boy on his parents' property "Gut Pluckow", he developed a love of animals, especially to horses, which can be seen in many of his later works.

In 1941 he was drafted into military service. But due to asthma, he was only appointed as a military painter until 1943. This did not satisfy him completely. In the autumn of 1943 he volunteered as a military-painter after his successful probation on the East Front. During this short time until the end of the war, he received acknowledgement from the highest governmental level, although his paintings did not show the heroes of the war, but showed mostly the terrors of war.

In 1945, he fell into American captivity in Landshut/Bavaria. The Americans quickly discovered his extraordinary talent.

They gave him his own studio and he gave art lessons. He did not accept their offer to emigrate to the USA because of his family, who had just started their new life in the Rhineland after being uprooted from their home on Rügen.

At the age of 24, he started to study Arts and Graphics at the "Trierer Werkschule". He studied there from 1947 until 1951.

During these years his professors were Peter Krisam, Fritz Grewenig, Reinhard Hess und Heinrich Dieckmann. His education was influenced by the different styles of his professors. Prof. Grewenig inspired him with the works of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Prof. Reinhard Hess directed his attention to Edvard Frank, whose influence can be seen in some of Ulrich Stoll's works. He even got to know Edvard Frank personally in Trier.