Ulrich Stoll's works were presented in numerous exhibitions during his lifetime.

Since his death there have been a variety of exhibitions.

The catalogues, brochures, photos and speech manuscripts for all of the exhibitions are still in existence, e.g. the original brochure from 1949 regarding the exhibition in the town museum “Simeonstift” in Trier.

Stoll presented his works at the same exhibition as Erich Kraemer, Jupp Zimmer, Jakob Schwarzkopf, Guido Bidinger, Fritz Grewenig and Werner Persy.

In the year 1995, Bruno Müller-Linow, a more recent headmaster of the Werkschule Trier, visited the gallery in Bendorf, which up to then had been the largest Ulrich Stoll exhibitionl. He honoured the work of Ulrich Stoll as one of the most important ones for the restart of the artistic movement in Germany after 1945. In 1955, as a remembrance of his time as headmaster of the Werkschule, Müller-Linow received an original painting of Ulrich Stoll which had been in the school's possession.